What Size Moving Van Do I Need?

Not sure what size van you need?

When choosing a van the obvious question to ask is ‘Can I fit everything I need into it?’ This is where a bit of guess work might come in, to estimate what kind of space you need for what you’re transporting. Try to be as accurate as possible with this. Make a short list to be sure.

One thing not to forget is how many people you will also need to fit in the van. All our vans comfortably fit in three people. Any more than that and you might need to start rethinking.

Then don’t forget the access. Vans come in various shapes and sizes. This means there is pretty much always an option for underground car parks, awkward delivery bays or tight parking spots. Just be sure your choice is going to fit.

The Four Different Van Sizes Most Commonly Used

There are several options that you can go for in a van. We’re going to take a look at our 4 most popular. These four options cover 90% of the moving or delivery jobs you might need to do. For anything else we’ll have something special. These vans are the reliable workhorses that you see all over Ireland picking up and dropping off. The ones that you will never go wrong with… and yes, they tend to be white!

*Important* - Dimensions between different van makes and models do vary, so always check before booking if access to your property has either a vehicle height or width restriction, or if any item that you need moving is unusually large or irregular in size.
The Small Van – Peugeot Partner or similar

These are the smallest vans we offer and great for the little jobs that need doing. Whether it’s clearing a room or being able to get about with smaller deliveries, it’s a fantastic option. For those not used to driving a large vehicle the small van is ideal. Drives like a car but delivers the goods!

Peugeot Partner

Small Van Approximate Dimensions
  The Medium Van – Nissan NV300 or similar

A panel van with a ply lined interior to facilitate easy loading, the medium van is a real workhorse. With a deceptively large load capacity there are a huge range of moves you can get done with this sized van. 

Medium Van Approximate Dimensions
  How much stuff can you fit in a medium van?
Medium vans are perfect for small moves and can generally take one or two people's personal belongings, about 30 to 40 assorted boxes for a delivery or a single large item of furniture such as a sofa or bed. Make sure to check your dimensions first though!

The Large Van – Renault Master or similar
For some jobs something a little bit bigger is a must! The biggest of them all is the uniquely named Large Van (we worked hard on that one). With the biggest load space of all, the large van will cover most moving jobs. With its larger size just make sure it’s going to fit in the delivery bays or parking spaces you are going to.

Large Van Approximate Dimensions
  How much can you fit in a large van?
The simple answer is… a lot. A large van can usually move a small two bed house worth of stuff (the two people, one dog kind of small house). You could fit furniture and boxes in one go saving some time back and forth. For deliveries it’s perfect for bulky items and white goods.

The Box Body – Peugeot Boxer or similar
The box body is on the fine line between a small truck and a van. Aptly named for it’s big boxy back it actually has similar load dimensions to a medium van. The big difference is the shape though. No wheel arches in the way so you can make best use of every centimetre of space. It also comes with a tail lift to make loading and unloading a little easier. Just roll on and roll off (anything with wheels that is).
Peugeot Boxer
Box Body Van Approximate Dimensions
  How much can you fit in a box body truck?
Similar to the large van the box body is ideal for moving a small two bed sized home. Thanks to it’s shape you get to use every bit of space. Adding to that the tail lift means the box body can be used to deliver pretty much anything, anywhere. Just roll on and roll off pallets and trolleys.


If you need any more help making your choice take a look at our selection of vans online. You can see all the options and dimension in one place here, or give us a call on 045-256800.


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