The Simple Answer is No!

You have 2 options when hiring a Go Rentals vehicle;

Renting with your own Insurance (COI- Customers Own Insurance)

Transfer of your own full comprehensive insurance cover and a verification email to be emailed in by your broker/insurance company. You will need to contact your insurance company or broker prior to rent, to ensure that an insurance transfer can occur on to a commercial vehicle, if renting a van. See our insurance notes on the RENT page of our website for further information. You will need to confirm the following:

• Insurance company contact details

• Policy Number

• Policy is fully comprehensive

• The name of the renter and any other driver is named specifically on the policy and that they are covered

• The specific vehicle details, registration, make, model, value

• Time and date of start of cover

• Time and date of end of cover

Renting with Self Drive Hire Insurance (SDH):

We have partnered up with Practical Car and Van Rental to be able to supply our vehicles with insurance. Certain criteria and terms and conditions must be met. Vehicle and passenger is covered. Driver is not covered! Check with our on-duty rentals agent regards availability. For this to occur, we will need to confirm the following:

• A Full Class B Driver’s License. We do NOT accept provisional licenses or any license with endorsements.

• Renter must be between the age of 25-70 years of age

• 2 Proofs of Address must be provided so we can underwrite the insurance. Without these, rental cannot take place.

• No Previous Convictions, Accidents, Refusal of Insurance or Physical Defects which would inhibit driving.

With our Insurance, you will be subject to a €1,500 Excess.