There is a company policy in place whereby:
The renter must notify an agent of Go Rentals immediately, (+353) 045 256800 or or 087-9677301. The vehicle will be assessed immediately on return. The damage will be photographed and an estimate of repair can be available immediately if there is light damage. Or if there is severe damage there could be a delay due to pricing of parts, but a printed estimate will be available within 24hours of the next business day. The damage repair cost is the renters responsibility and the liability is yours alone to pay but if you would like to process payment through your insurance company we can facilitate and assist. A claim will need to be registered with the insurance company, a claim number sought, and you will need to ensure your insurance companies’ assessor swiftly calls to site to view the vehicle. You will need to do this as it is your policy! Parts (if required) will have already been ordered as we will need to get the vehicle back on the road at the earliest convenience, and once figures are agreed with insurance assessor, the repair will be carried out and the insurance company will be invoiced. The renter will be liable to  for the excess on your policy, which we suggest you determine immediately once you open the claim with your insurance company, this should also be stated on your original insurance policy document. If there are any delays in the insurance process claim then we will revert back to the renter for payment in full, and the renter may be liable for down-time of the vehicle also if the delays are excessive due to lack of effort on the part of the renter.
reserves the right to charge the renter for all expenses incurred on callouts relating to incidents other than mechanical failure. These might include:

  • Incorrect fuel put in vehicle
  • Towing, recovery and storage of vehicle
  • Damage caused to any part of the vehicle which has caused the vehicle to break-down
  • Keys lost or locked inside vehicle
  • Off-road/in-ditch/non-standard recovery which takes excessive time to carry out
  • Punctures or wheel change

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