You will require:

  1. A Full Class B Driver’s Licence. We do NOT accept provisional licences or any licence with endorsements.
  2. Full Comprehensive Insurance cover for Permanent Transfer and a verification email to be emailed in by your broker/insurance company confirming the following:
  • Insurance company contact details
  • Policy Number
  • Policyholder name (Must be same as rental agreement/Lease Quote)


  • Policy is fully comprehensive
  • The name of the renter and any other driver is named specifically that they are covered
  • The specific vehicle details, registration, make, model, value
  • That they are aware it’s a rented vehicle, and not owned by the policy holder


  • The use intended for the vehicle


  • The excess to be paid on the policy in case of a claim.


  • Time and date of start/end of cover
  1. A valid Debit/Credit card, in your own name. If not in your name, a friend/family members will suffice but he/she will need to be present at time of lease commencement with photo identification and will need to sign a “Card Payment Authorisation Form”. A valid debit/credit card must be available to us throughout the lease for any eventualities during the life of the lease, including but not limited to e.g. valeting, fuel, excess mileage, fines, e-flow, parking etc. Cards must remain valid with funds available, and in date, for duration of rental term.


  1. Generally deposits are required of 500.00 Euro for our local Hires, and 1000.00 Euro if taking the vehicle abroad. (This must be declared before the start of your rental), but your deposit will be determined at the time of booking, or collection., as these rates quoted are only a guide.