Save on Fuel Hire a Hybrid

Hire a Hybrid with us today and save on fuel costs. At this stage we are all sick of hearing about how the cost of fuel is going up. It is impacting everyone, whether you own a vehicle or simply want to rent one for a period of time. Both petrol and diesel prices have shot up in recent months and for some individuals and households, this is very worrying.

At Go Rentals, we offer a wide range of cars for rent at more affordable rates than our competitors. For example; automatic or manual transmission, petrol or diesel. But did you know that we also have hybrid cars available, such as the Toyota Corola Hybrid 1.8 petrol (not plug-in)?

By renting a hybrid vehicle, you will not be as badly affected by the rising cost of fuel, as your car will automatically switch between petrol and electric battery. Also, you will be helping the environment by not using as much petrol and diesel, which is something that we should all consider.


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Published by Ali Gleeson