Loading your van or truck can seem very daunting, but by making use of every corner available, you can avoid having to make multiple journeys. Save precious time and prevent those delicate items from moving around during transit. We have put together some useful tips and tricks for maximising space. You will be surprised at just how stress-free moving can be.

Tips for Large appliances

The first thing to consider are your larger items these should be the first to go into the truck. These items will be the foundation for you to pack your belongings around, and are usually shaped perfectly and sturdy enough for boxes to go on top of.

Top Tip: Be sure to completely defrost your refrigerator and drain your washing machine to avoid any unwanted water damage.

Once the large appliances are loaded onto the truck, carefully wrap them in moving pads and strap them in to avoid them moving around in transit.
Moving boxes

Moving boxes are not only perfect for keeping your belongings secure, they’re also great for getting the most space out of the truck rental. One you have loaded your large appliances onto your truck, you should stack the moving boxes evenly from the floor to ceiling, begin with the heaviest boxes first and use the large appliances as a base where needed.
Just like Tetris make sure that you complete the row before beginning a new row. This will not only maximise space but it will also ensure that the items do not move around during transit. There may be some gaps that can’t be filled with moving boxes and if this happens you can use the space to pack some smaller items.

Large and heavy furniture

When the moving boxes are evenly stacked, you should then start loading the heavy furniture into the van. To maximise the space you should prepare the heavy furniture for transport with moving pads and van straps.Before loading the furniture place the moving pad on the area you will lay the furniture. As you are loading each item of furniture into the van cover it with another moving pad and secure it in place with the van straps.

Large tables: if any item can be disassembled as a rule of thumb its best to disassemble before loading it into the van. By doing this you will not only save on space but it will also help prevent anything from getting damaged while in transit. This way you can place the table top on its side against the wall of the van and you can then stack the chairs neatly and securely nearby.
Bed-frames: Similarly to the table if you can disassemble the frame and place the headboard against the wall of the van you will save on space.
Mattresses: load mattresses into the van and place vertically against the remaining wall space inside the van, stacking them side by side. The space between each mattress is perfect for delicate art work, mirrors and TV’s.

Sofas: same with the mattresses, load your sofas vertically against the wall to avoid taking up floor space. You can use the cushions to fill any gaps left by other items to avoid any movement during transport.

Tricks for Smaller furniture

Once all the walls of the moving van are packed with the larger furniture you can begin to load the smaller items into the middle of the van. Generally the smaller items can be more delicate and it is important to ensure these are carefully wrapped and are secured in the moving van so they don’t break in transit.

Chest of drawers and wardrobes: begin by removing all drawers and securing them together in stacks. Once drawers are removed, load the base onto the moving van, either on its side or vertically, using the least horizontal space possible.

Small tables: if the small tables can be disassembled, then do so and pack them similarly to your larger tables. If they can’t, load them into the truck and use the space beneath the table top to store smaller boxes.

TIME TO GET MOVING!Once you have loaded all your furniture into the moving van double check that everything is secured with the straps and anything that is delicate is covered with moving pads. Once you finish unpacking at your new home, simply return your one-way van hire to us here at Go Rentals.

Get on the move today and book your moving van with us today.