Discover the Latest Vehicle Models with Go Rentals: Your Ultimate Fleet Management Solution

What Sets Our Fleet Apart?

At Go Rentals, we pride ourselves on our extensive dealer network that satisfies all demands, including bespoke vehicle fit-outs tailored to your unique needs. Choose from an unparalleled selection of cars and commercial vehicles, boasting the latest models, vibrant colours, and cutting-edge specifications. Whether you’re looking for the flexibility of short-term vehicle leasing or the latest in commercial vehicle leasing, we’ve got you covered.

Ford commercial vans at a dockland depot as imagery for van leasing for business vehicle fleet

Our fleet includes a wide range of customization options to ensure your leased car or van perfectly suits your requirements:

  • Towbar
  • Tool box
  • Roof beacon
  • Storage area ply-lined
  • Bespoke shelving units
  • Roof-bars or Racks
  • Reflective chevrons
  • Telematics GPS tracker
  • Flashing front or rear LEDs
  • And much more…

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Why Choose Go Rentals?

Lease Latest Car Models: Dive into the joy of driving with the latest vehicle models, equipped with the newest technology for your comfort and safety. Who doesn’t cherish that new car smell?

Commercial Vehicle Leasing: Ideal for businesses looking for the latest models with specific colours or specifications.

Short-Term Vehicle Leasing: Unique to Go Rentals, our in-house short-term vehicle lease service offers flexibility for seasonal demands, short-term contract work, or as an accident replacement vehicle.

Exterior headlights of a white audi fleet car

Explore Our Flexible Leasing Options

We encourage the lease of brand-new vehicles to meet your precise needs. However, we understand that requirements vary. For shorter lease terms, a pre-used, low-mileage vehicle from our flexible leasing options might be the perfect fit.

Short-Term Lease for Immediate Solutions

Our Short-Term Lease service stands out, offering 28 day rentals directly from our extensive in-house fleet. This option is perfect for:

  • Managing seasonal demand
  • Covering short term contract work
  • Providing an accident replacement vehicle
  • Offering a flexible, no-commitment arrangement

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Discover Lower Cost Lease Options

Interested in even more savings? Enquire about our older used stock for lower cost lease options. Today’s inventory might just have the perfect vehicle waiting for you.

Join Us on the Road to Success

At Go Rentals, we’re dedicated to providing a leasing experience that meets your exact needs, with a wide range of the latest vehicle models, flexible leasing terms, and bespoke fit-outs. Discover why we’re the preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike. Email us at to learn how we can help drive your business forward.

Contact Us Now and start your journey with Go Rentals, where every mile matters.