Nationwide Fleet Servicing, Management and Vehicle Leasing

For decades, Go Rentals has built a robust network of partners across the country to deliver unparalleled servicing and maintenance for your leased vehicles. Our extensive network ensures that no matter where your fleet operates, you have access to top-tier service and support, minimizing downtime and keeping your vehicles in optimal condition.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our bespoke Vehicle Health Check Report—a cornerstone of our nationwide servicing program. This detailed report provides a comprehensive assessment of each vehicle’s condition, highlighting any potential issues and recommending preventive measures. With this proactive approach, we ensure that your fleet operates at peak performance, enhancing reliability and safety while reducing long-term maintenance costs.

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Why Choose Go Rentals for Your Fleet?

  • Comprehensive Nationwide Servicing: Our extensive network, guarantees top-class servicing and maintenance across the country.
  • Proactive Maintenance and Health Checks: Our Vehicle Health Check Report goes beyond basic manufacturer recommendations.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Without the Hassle: We proactively schedule maintenance and include a free of charge replacement vehicle.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions for Repairs: Facing minor damages? We source the most cost-effectiveness repairs.
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Services Include

  • Contract Maintenance Lease: Enjoy peace of mind with replacement tyres for fair wear and tear, including efficient tyre rotation and replacements as part of your lease.
  • Direct Communication for Maintenance Scheduling: Whether through your office liaison or directly with your driver, we ensure seamless coordination for maintenance visits to a dealership that suits you, minimizing downtime.
  • Rapid Return with New Certifications: Your vehicle returns swiftly, equipped with the latest DOE/NCT/Motor Tax certifications, ready for the road.
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Ready to Elevate Your Fleet Management?

Don’t let vehicle maintenance slow down your business. With Go Rentals Fleet Management, you gain a partner dedicated to your fleet’s optimal performance, safety, and efficiency. Our comprehensive services ensure that each vehicle is maintained to the highest standards, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Schedule Your Vehicle Health Check today or Get in Touch for a personalized consultation on how we can support your fleet management needs. Email us at or click below to contact us.

Your fleet deserves nationwide servicing that keeps you moving forward, and Go Rentals is here to deliver just that.